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Andrew Brown


Born in Columbus,1932. Grew up in Guntersville, AL. Attended Howard College (now Samford U.)and graduated from Baylor University with a BA with honors in 1954.

US Army 1954-57. Pre med at University of AL 1957-58, BS 1958 Med Col of AL (now UAB) MD 1962. Interned at Lloyd Noland, Fairfield, AL 1962-63. Residency in Otolarygology-Head Neck Surgery, Barns hospital (Wash.U.,St Louis) 1963-67

In practice with Dr. John Odess, 1967-1970 in Birmingham, AL. Relocated to Gadsden, AL and opened a practice May 11,1970.

Initially used scratch testing but found it inadequate for treatment. Changed to intradermal testing but found it inadequate for testing foods. Learned neutralization and provocative testing for foods and chemicals and this opened up a whole world for effiectively treating patients. Have used blood test when necessary though we find false negatives but no false positives.

Andrew M. Brown, MD, an otolaryngologist trained at the Barns Hospital in St. Louis, MO, has been treating allergies and practicing Environmental Medicine since 1971. Patients now are treated from all over Alabamaand 33 other states. He developed a treatment for Shingles in the early 70’s that is effective in relieving all or part of the pain while the patient is still in the office as much as 80% of the time if treated in the first two weeks. He is married to Joan Holcomb Brown. Together, they have four children and ten grandchildren.