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Long before doctors knew what cause certain illnesses, they gave Greek or Latin names which made them sound informed. Herpes Zoster means creeping girdle in Greek and Shingles is a corruption of the Latin word Cingulus that mean girdle. We now know that it is cause by the same virus that causes Chicken Pox, the Varicella Virus.

Shingles can hit at any age, and it estimated that 20% of people would probably experience Shingles during their lifetime. We have seen cases as young as 23 months and as old as in their 90’s, but it most often hits the 50 to 70’s groups.

There are several medications that sometimes are useful it taken soon enough. Most of these medications advise being taken within the first 72 hours of onset of symptoms. Unfortunately, most cases are not diagnosed until after 72 hours when the rash begins to break out.

If we see patients within the first 2 weeks, we are able to relieve most or all of the pain while the patient is still in the office 80% of the time. After 2 weeks, even to years, we have been able to relieve or diminish the pain 60% of the time.

This method has been used for over 1000 patients in our office. Any physician wishing to learn our method of treating Shingles is invited to contact our office. Patients with this problem need no doctor’s referral.