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Shingles Protocol







Use the available flu vaccine.  Make serial dilution as follows:

  • 1cc flu vaccine + 4cc normal saline (Use red stopper tube and NS or water for dilution)
  • this is #1 dilution
  • take 1cc #1 + 4cc NS
  • this is #2 dilution, etc until you have at least 5 dilutions
  • Make a 7mm wheal with the #1 dilution (about 0.1cc)
  • Wait 15 minutes.

If the pain has not subsided, go to the next weaker dilution, etc.

When the pain relief has occurred, make a treatment portion using 1cc stronger than the treatment dilution. The patient is to take 1 gtt sublingually prn for pain relief. If the pain was not relieved by the flu vaccine, proceed to using a killed HZ vaccine. Using a killed HZ vaccine, serial dilutions are make in the same fashion but treatment is started with the #3 dilution and worked down toward the #1 dilution. The treatment vial is prepared by using 8.4cc NS and 0.6cc one dilution stronger that the testing treatment dose. The patient is to take 3 gtts sublingually prn.

{Killed H.Zoster from Dr. Leonard Lotter, 4185 Byron St, PaloAlto,CA 34306; Phone 800-670-7855. Costs $425 for 20cc. as of 2013}