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Food Allergies

Many people are aware of individuals being allergic to peanuts, milk, eggs, chocolate or strawberries, but there are many other foods such as corn, wheat, lettuce, fish, beef, pork, soy beans, coffee, malt and yeast that also cause allergic reaction. The allergic reaction may be as mild as a rash or as severe as shock. There are many reactions in between such as headaches, inability to think clearly, swelling, insomnia, irritability and even drowsiness. There is an old saying that “one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Treatment of food allergies for most allergist is simply avoidance, but there are some foods such as corn, baker’s yeast and brewer’s yeast, which are virtually impossible to avoidFortunately, there is a way to desensitize to most foods so that they may be enjoyed in moderation. This office offers this service and the treatment can be provided by allergy injections or by drops under the tongue. (Remember, nitroglycerine is taken under the tongue because it is absorbed as well as if an injection had been given.)