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We have been successfully treating patients for allergies and illness for over 40 years. There are many people from all over the U.S. that travel to us for their allergy care. We provide a unique service in our variety of allergy management options and approaches. Let us assist you with your allergy needs.

Many people are bothered by perfumes, hair sprays, and man other chemicals. Many people are sensitive to certain foods. Many women have problems with yeast infections. Unfortunately, most allergy programs do not attempt to handle these problems. Our office effectively handles these problems with the common allergy problems such as those caused by tree, grass, and weed pollens and by house dust mites and have for many years. As a result, we now treat patients from all over Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, the Pan-handle of Florida, and much of Georgia. At the present time, there is no other practice in these states that treats chemical and food allergies. We are sending extract and seeing patients from 32 states outside of Alabama. Patients can decide if they want to take allergy extracts by injection or by drops under the tongue and find them equally effective.

Allergy testing and treatment in this office is unique in the numerous ways that allergies are managed. Some patients may take their antigens by injection at home, other by sublingual (under the tongue) drops, also taken at home. After testing, many patients learn that the offending substance or substances can be avoided or infrequently encountered, and no medication is required.

Allergy testing is performed on the patient’s blood or by skin testing. Skin testing is by serial endpoint titration (SET) or by provocation or by neutralization. Occasionally patch tests are used. Sublingual testing is also useful, but quite time consuming.

How young is too young for allergy testing? Babies have very few antibodies at birth; however, they do have some antibodies. If a baby is reacting with colic, rashes, or failure to thrive due to food intolerances, then it is a good sign that their antibody system is working to reject and offending agent. Even newborns who receive grafts have to be checked for antigen-antibody reactions.

General Otolaryngology • Allergy

General Otolaryngology

Ear: Diagnosis and medical management and /or/ surgical treatment when indicated, of virtually all ears diseases.

Nose: Diagnosis and medical management and/or surgical treatment of nasal and paranasal sinus diseases, including sinusitis, headaches, supper respiratory tract infection (URI), and septal deviations.

Throat: Diagnosis and medical management and/or surgical treatment of oral, pharyngeal and larygeal diseases, including problems involving the mouth, tongue, larynx, trachea, tonsils, adenoids and vocal cords.

Allergy – Pediatric and Adult

Allergic reactions due to: inhalants (things you breath such as dust, molds, pollens, and chemicals), foods and preservatives, chemicals breathed in, swallowed or touched.

Management of Allergies

Allergy management requires frequent adjustments for some patients. For others, very little adjustment is required. An allergy testing program which cannot provide flexibility (such as those programs where a single test is made either on the skin or from a blood sample, and sent to a laboratory) may be beneficial for some patients. In general, however, these program give allergy management a bad name. Once one’s allergies change, these programs offer very little flexibility, and soon the patient believes that allergies were not responsible for their symptoms after all.

Allergy testing is an on-going process for some patients. There are other patients who once tested, never require correction in their treatment. Exposure to different antigens, bacterial and viral infections, and trauma, such as surgery or an emotional crisis, can alter one’s immune complex. Adjustment in treatment must be made for these patients and their special situations.